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In Kind

Shirdi Sai of Delaware is a non-profit organization. Your donations are appreciated and will help the temple to provide various religious and charity services.

Our mission is to help the communities of Newark, Bear, Middletown and surrounding areas.

Charity of Food

Different Sadhanas (means of accomplishments) are prescribed in our scriptures for different ages. Tapa (penance) is recommended for Krita Age, Jnana (knowledge) for Treta Age, Yajna (Sacrifice) fo Dwapara Age and Dana (Charity) for Kali (present) AGe. Of all the kinds of charities, giving food is the best one. We are much perturbed when we get no food at noon. Other beings feel similarly under similar circumstances. Knowing this, he who gives food to the poor and hungry is the best donor or charitable person. The Taittriya Upanishad says, "Food is Brahma, from food all the creatures are born and having been born, by food they live and having departed, into food they again enter.". Other kinds of charities, such as giving away wealth, property, clothes, etc, require some discrimination, but int he matter of food, no such consideration is necessary. Let anybody come to our door at noon, he should be served food and if, crippled, blind and diseased come, they should be fed first and the ablebodied persons and our relatives afterwards."

We remember how Sai Baba expressed his great pleasure when Mrs. Tarkhad fed a hungry dog during her meal time (Chaper 9). He further said, "Ever act like this and this will stand you in good stead. First give bread to the hungry and then eat yourself" (p.55)

Shirdi Sai of Delaware, Inc., is a registered non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) and all your donations are fully tax deductible. Our federal tax identification number is 47-4507526

In Kind

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  • Charity of Food

In Kind